About Us

The Wholistic Transformation Resource Center Foundation, Inc. (formerly CTFI) was founded in 1999 by social entrepreneur and philanthropist David Bussau. The intention was to set up a foundation that would be driven by the unmet needs of the poor and marginalized with projects designed to be entrepreneurial in approach and implemented through partnerships with expert and accomplished Christian not for profits who are willing to implement creative and innovative solutions.

WTRC sees itself as a gap filler where crucial needs are identified but overlooked due to a variety of reasons including extraordinary high cost of operations, lack of systems and procedures flexible enough to accommodate new ideas, lack of expertise of organization already working with the poor. WTRC lends its experience, expertise, networks and resources to partners to allow the delivery of wholistic services to target beneficiaries.

WTRC seeks to:

  • Introduce creative and innovative ideas into the poverty alleviations goals of Christian development organizations.
  • Raise  awareness  on  the  far-reaching  benefits  of  a  truly  wholistic  and  transformativedevelopment
  • Link up the different sectors of society so as to maximize on the strength of each sector in addressing the needs of thepoor.
  • Upgradetheskillsandknowledgeofdevelopmentpractitionersandthecorporateand private sector
  • in order to improve the quality of social services provided to the poor.
  • All project and programs that WTRC engages in have discipleship and spiritual nourishment integratedinto itsexecution.


2017 WTRC Organizational Chart